3 Tips to Repel Halloween Haunts from your Home

  • 5 years ago
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Halloween brings a lot of excitement and fun to people, but for homeowners, sometimes it feels like a hassle. According to an article in USA Today, claims for home theft on Halloween increase by 60% and claims for vandalism increase by 19%. Here at Rich Lee Real Estate, we want to be sure that Halloween stays fun for everyone, so here are 3 tips for homeowners on the night of Halloween.

Light Up the Night

You’re welcoming trick-or-treaters, keep the walkway up to your door well-lit and kid-proof. Jack-o-lanterns are fine, but it would be wise to light them with electrical lights instead of open flames. If any home repairs need to be done to your walkway or the steps leading up to your porch (i.e. loose bricks or gravel), be sure to take care of that before Halloween starts.

Call Off the Dogs

Make sure that your pets are locked up. Sometimes dogs take the opportunity of a frequently opening door to run away or make a lot of ruckus. In addition, some kids may be afraid to be greeted by dogs while trick-or-treating, so it may be better to keep Fido in his cage for the evening, even if he’s friendly. Also, turning off any home security for the hours you’re welcoming visitors may prevent any alarms going off for no good reason.

Prank-Proof the Place

You’re going somewhere for the evening, make sure your property is prepared from any sort of Halloween tricksters. Any cars that are left at home should be in the garage or a well-lit place, and any other valuable property (like a bicycle) should be hidden or stored. Generally, it’s better to look like your home on Halloween, so keeping some lights on (besides the front porch) may keep pranksters from even considering TP-ing your home.

At Rich Lee Real Estate, we want to be sure that your house is more than just a place to live, but a home. Hopefully, these tips helped your home a safer one during the spooky season. As always, if you have any questions about homes, don’t hesitate to reach out. Happy Halloween!



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