How Safe is Your Home?

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Every homeowner wants to feel the safest at home. However, some of the biggest home hazards are the hardest to detect – that is, until they happen! Today we’ll be looking at the most common household dangers and how you can stay on top of them.

 Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detection

Fire hazards are commonly discussed, but did you know that there are certain home security systems that can be put in place that not only detect smoke but also can contact the nearest fire department? Some systems like that can also detect carbon monoxide, which is harder to spot because it has no smell and cannot be seen. Prevent carbon monoxide risks by having your heating and ventilation systems inspected yearly.

Falls in the Bathroom or on Stairs

Especially threatening to young children and older adults, a bad fall can break bones. For the elderly, bone breakages can sometimes be unhealable. If you have any older adults in your house, consider installing secure railings on all of your staircases. Even if you don’t have older adults or little ones in your home, bathrooms can still be a risk zone. A puddle in the dark of night is a surefire way to slip on the hard floor. If not handrails, at least think about placing bathmats around your bathtub and sink to keep water from pooling on the linoleum.


Before you make too many drastic decisions to knock down walls and renovate, get your house looked over for asbestos. It’s only when asbestos is disturbed and made airborne that it becomes a risk of causing mesothelioma cancer. Experts can extract asbestos without disturbing it, freeing you up to tackle whatever DIY project you may have planned.

Sharp Objects and Toxic Chemicals

For the little ones in your house, a lot of things in the kitchen can become a major health risk. As a matter of fact, poisoning is the second highest cause of fatalities in the nation. You don’t have to completely overhaul your kitchen space when children enter the picture; there are affordable, easy-to-install straps and locks available for drawers and cabinets that will keep kids out without making accessibility too much of a hassle for you. Even with these security measures, it’s also highly advised to keep poison control’s phone number on hand.

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