Staying In is Going Out: The 2020 Outdoor Living Room Trend

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One of the coolest products of the recent minimalist home trends is the recognition of the simple beauty of the outdoors. The trees, bushes, and grass are the best summer decorations a homeowner could ask for! So why not take the indoor living out? There are all kinds of amazing accommodations out there for your new outdoor living room, here are a few you should look into:

Vertical Gardening

Though it is not a product of the year, vertical gardening is hot this summer. Most vertical-growing plants are very easy to manage, and they make for a great, natural backdrop for a patio or a barrier between your screen door and the rest of your backyard. 

Outdoor Bars

You think people would just leave the good stuff inside? Don’t be ridiculous! Some come with stovetops, sinks, and refrigerators, even! There are all kinds of affordable and mobile options for the most crucial piece of furniture for your next big barbeque! 

Solar Light Fixtures

Solar lights are a clever way to keep the party going after the sun goes down. Most of the fixtures that are available charge during the day and don’t come on until nighttime, which means you don’t have to deal with cords and can hang them up wherever you want.

Sofa Swings

Stylish, relaxing, and waterproof, sofa swings are the trendy response to hammock-supremists who seem to think the only way to be comfortable outside is to lay in a cocoon. Sofa swings can often fit 3 people on them at once and are a great way to unwind after a long day.

Patio Fire Bowls

What better way to gather and keep warm than a fire? Patio fire bowls are popular right now because they’re often built patio tables and can be gas-powered, so it is very easy to control how strong the flames are. 

Hopefully these key tips can keep you and your backyard stay on top of the trends. But, as you know, there is so much more to being a homeowner than just staying on top of what is in style. Here at Rich Lee Real Estate, we are always on top of the trends that matter most for you and your home: the housing market trends. Do not hesitate to reach out at (765) 744-9951

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