5 Landscaping Tips to Spruce up Your Home This Summer

  • 3 years ago
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Whether you are looking to sell your home this summer or just want to make your home more inviting, the time is now to get started on updating your exterior. Sometimes that may look like a fresh coat of paint, new siding, or maybe repaving the driveway. Today, however, we’re talking about something straightforward, affordable, and something you can do yourself-landscaping! Here are a few of the easiest landscaping tips to give your exterior some pizazz for the upcoming sweltering season.

1. Install a French Drain

Landscaping, particularly within these five landscaping tips, is all about controlling the chaos. Nature is a wild and feisty thing, and we’re all tasked to manage our tiny, geometric allotments of it. For starters, installing a French Drain keeps clunky drains and pools of water out of your yard. This tip comes first because it requires the most digging. Once your French Drain is in place, diverting water away from everything else, you can continue with the other projects below.

2. Planting a Berm

A great way to bring it all together in your yard is to plant a berm. A berm, to put it in more recognizable terms, is a small mound of greenery and flowers that serve as a focal point of texture and color in an outdoor space. This can draw the eye away from all that bland, green grass in your yard to the evergreens, perennial flowers, and bushes. Additionally, it can help with drainage and give you less square footage of lawn to mow!

3. Laying a Flagstone or Gravel Path

Controlling the chaos of your yard isn’t just for looks, it’s for function as well! A pathway can make a yard look more welcoming and can be more accessible for its owners as well. A flagstone path may appear to be simpler, but if a shallow dugout needs to be dug for your path, you will have to be much more precise with flagstones or pavers. Gravel comes with its own challenges as well, mainly become overgrown or getting spread around over time by the elements.

4. Constructing a Low Garden Wall

To separate the garden beds or exterior drains, a one-foot wall can keep things uniform. This may be a bit more complicated than you think at first glance, but it’s worth the challenge and can be relatively inexpensive. There are plenty of different colors offered at home and garden stores to compliment the color of your house or the flora in your yard.

5. Edge It All

To prevent overgrowth of grass of weeds from getting into your paths, flower beds, or walls, a sturdy plastic edge can be installed quickly on a shoestring budget. This is a recommended final touch to most new landscaping endeavors because it ensures that everything stays in place and keeps anything else out.

Every home has so much promise, and with these 5 tips, I assure you your home will flourish this summer. For more information on making your home flourish or anything real estate related, feel free to reach out at 765-744-9951. 

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