Neighboring Know-how: 4 Tips to be a Better Neighbor

  • 3 years ago
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Hello, Neighbor! Welcome to the neighborhood! 

Have you recently bought a home within a neighborhood? The first step in having good neighbors is being a good neighbor. Master these four qualities, and you will be the best neighbor on the block!

Say Hello

If your neighbor has yet to introduce themselves within the first week of moving in, make plans to visit them at a decent time to introduce yourself! The goal of this meeting is to learn their names and hopefully exchange contact information. This will be helpful if you have questions about the community and if you are lucky, they may even introduce you to other neighbors. Or best of all, they may invite you to grab some pizza at Pizza King!

Join the Facebook Group! 

Most neighborhoods have a Facebook Group to share news, sell items, or even receive recommendations. You could also join groups for your specific city, examples of these groups include Yorktown Community, What’s Up Muncie, and Anderson Indiana Current Events. All you need to do is search your city on Facebook, and chances are one of these groups will appear in your town!

When joining your group, be cautious of complaining or making snarky comments about your neighbors. No one likes a Negative Nancy! Obviously, sometimes there are situations where speaking up maybe for the best but being mindful of your neighbors’ feelings is always important. 

Keep Your Yard Looking Fresh

Mowing the lawn may be your least favorite chore, but your home exterior is what your neighbors see the most, so it is smart to keep things looking clean and well-kept. It also may be worth talking to your neighbors about the rules within the neighborhood on landscaping etiquette. If you do not have time to maintain your yard, hire the neighbor’s kid – this gives you bonus points! View my blog, 5 Landscaping Tips to Spruce up Your Home This Summer for more tips on how to keep your yard looking fresh!

Do NOT be the Noisy Neighbor

Do not, I repeat DO NOT, be the noisy neighbor. It is essential always to be mindful of the noise you create. Try to let your neighbors know if you are having a large gathering so they know what to expect in advance. And when tackling those large and noisy home improvement projects, try to do them during the day to avoid waking up your neighbors.

These are just a few tips on how to be a better neighbor. Overall, being a good person and staying mindful of your actions can go a long way. 


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