Shopping Local for Antique Additions

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Antique shop with hats, suitcases, and other gems!

It’s true what they say, age adds character. In interior decoration, this maxim is evident in popular home design shows. Celebrity designers on Fixer Upper, Good Bones, and Home Town all clamor toward antique shops when hunting for cozy home-filling pieces, such as reclaimed wood boxes, dusty steamer trunks, or musty classic books. Styles come and styles go, but one thing is for certain, the vintage or antique will always add a sense of history and comfort to your home. Last month we led you to several places to find top-tier custom pieces, but this month we’ll be pointing out a few of the best antique shops in Central Indiana! 

Caldwell Antique Mall & Flea Market

At Caldwell Antique Mall & Flea Market you’ll find a beautiful mix of antiquated, restyled, and modern home furniture and decor. This location is truly for those who love the hunt for hidden treasures, and the rush of a successful find! From dressers to desks, to all the funky junk in between, this antique mall’s got it all. Tucked away in Muncie, Indiana, you’re sure to find some distinctive pieces here! Visit their Facebook page to check out some of their current stock: 

Shoup House Antiques

A gorgeous farm property built in the style of Italianate and Greek Revival architecture, Shoup House deals in historical antiques, accessories, country finds, collectibles, furniture, holiday decorations, and primitives. This little gem in Battle Ground, Indiana will thrill you with its expansive collection of curiosities. From signs to suitcases to wicker baskets, you’ll be up to your eyeballs in home decor! Visit their website to learn more: 

The Shoppes of East Main-Building Two

For the true antique archaeologists, The Shoppes of East Main-Building Two in Hagerstown, Indiana offer a delightful shopping experience! You’ll love combing through their stocks of antiques and home decor, searching for just the right piece! They have gorgeous pieces from various eras, all waiting for just the right person to spot their elegance. Breathe life into your home with some earthenware pottery, add some decadence with a 1920’s sidebar, or sprinkle in some mystery with a mirror window, any of these marvelous looks can be achieved with a quick trip to this antique vendor!  Visit their Facebook page to check out some of their stock: 

These are just three of the many amazing local businesses offering antiquity pieces in Central Indiana. As a realtor, I firmly believe that building a home goes beyond choosing a location. I want to help my clients build the home that’s perfect for them. Please help me on my mission by sharing some of your favorite shops for antiquing on social media. Come back for next month’s blog, where we’ll be showcasing the best locations to find modern decor with a twist!


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