Shopping Central Indiana for Aesthetically Unique Decor

  • 3 years ago
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a collection of mossy and floral table decorations.

Calling all independent souls! Do you march to the beat of your own drum? Often find singular, and interesting pieces the perfect addition to your eclectic abode? Well, this is your lucky week! Last month we divulged several antique stores in Central Indiana, but this month we’re focusing on a few places that specialize in aesthetically unique decor! Need a pressurized metal beer growler? A Maker’s Mark candle? A cork dinosaur desk decoration? These are the places for you! 

Olive & Slate

For modern decor with a classic twist, look no further than Olive & Slate! Located in Muncie, Indiana, this classy little store holds arts, decor, and gifts galore! You’ll have no problem rooting out something special for your home. Be it sign, table, kitchen implement, or various other sundry items, Olive & Slate has your back! Check out some of their unique items on their facebook page:

Horton’s Home & Garden

Where the plant girls at? Yes you, with your six succulents, parlor palm, and overgrown spider plant. Horton’s Home & Garden Center in Tipton, Indiana is an excellent choice for you! They specialize in home decor, clothing, jewelry, candy, fudge, blinds, and much more! Their earthly collection of home elements is sure to highlight your precious plant babies and leave your guests impressed! Visit their facebook page and step into a whole plant-based world: 

Dynamites Vintage

Hello to all you country chic dynamos! Dynamites Vintage is for anyone looking for that farm meets modern style. Do you find yourself frequently wearing jeans, cowboy boots, and artfully faded baseball caps with pithy sayings in cursive? Potentially own a horse with bedazzled tack? Well this little store in Selma is just screaming your name! They offer various farm culture items, such as cast iron signs, rustic cabinet pulls, and handcrafted candlesticks. Check out their website to learn more:

These are just three of the many amazing local businesses that offer aesthetically unique pieces in Central Indiana. As someone who spends my life helping others find their own individual spaces, I know that creating a home is more than simply choosing and moving to a location. It’s about building a place that speaks to you and makes you feel comfortable at the end of the day. Please lend me a hand by sharing some of your favorite shops for unique decor on social media! 


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