What does East Central Indiana have to offer you: Coffee Shops

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Before you move, it’s important to consider the community you’re relocating to. What elements does a new community have to offer you? One thing many homeowners find valuable in their community is a local coffee shop for morning caffeine stops, meeting places, reading breaks, and alternative workspaces. Let’s explore some of the best local coffee shops that East Central Indiana has to offer! 

The Caffeinery 

Located in the scenic downtown  Muncie, Indiana, the Caffeinery’s motto is “Exceptional Coffee, No Bullsh*t.” They source, roast, and prepare all their coffee options with artistic precision. Their signature lattes include unique flavors such as Butterfinger, S’mores, and Thin Mint. The staff is warm, friendly, and always willing to give suggestions if you’re feeling indecisive. They also offer freshly brewed, loose-leaf teas and fresh baked goods daily! These options differ every day, so you’ll have to stop in to see what delectable morsels are available! https://thecaffeinery.com/

Rosebud Coffee House

Snuggled into the southside Muncie community at the corner of Memorial and Hoyt, Rosebud Coffee House embodies hospitality in its coffee and warm food fare. Their drinks include whimsical flavors such as Wildflowers, Peppermint Patty, and Dirty Orchard. They offer classic croissant breakfast sandwiches, as well as homemade muffins, coffee cakes, and scones. The building used to be a bank, and still has the teller window which is now used as a convenient drive-through! https://www.rosebudcoffeehouse.com/

The Bridge Cafe 

The Bridge is an artisan cafe, deli, and gallery in Little Upland, Indiana. The ingredients are locally sourced in small batches from small distributors, and they offer seasonal items with frequently changing specials. Some of their seasonal specials include the Rosemary Latte and the European Sipping Chocolate. They offer a variety of food including a Falafel Wrap, Vegan Veggie Soup, and South African Salad. If you’re ready to try some locally sourced fare, look no further than this little spot! https://www.thebridgeupland.com/

Jackrabbit Coffee 

Jack Rabbit Coffee is a full-service espresso bar in Anderson, Indiana. They offer high-quality, locally roasted beans and loose leaf teas and sell basic home mechanical brewing equipment. Some of their specialty drinks include the Blackberry Truffle Latte, Blood Orange of My Enemy, and the Cold Brew Cocktail. They pair these delicious beverages with various bagels and pastries to give you a perfect start to your day! https://jackrabbitcoffee.square.site/


Sitting in the heart of Richmond’s Depot District, Roscoe’s blends a high-end coffee bar, a craft wine & beer taproom, and a sandwich shop into one unique dining experience. They sell a variety of organic coffee drinks and teas, soups and sandwiches, and specialty wines and craft beers. They roast their own beans, and have gone through various hoops –such as partnering with an espresso expert– to ensure that their coffee is crafted to perfection! Some of their signature drinks include Quad on the Rocks, St. Patrick’s Delight, and Turtle Cheesecake.  Roscoe’s employees claim that their customers simply desire more out of their local coffee shop experience! http://www.roscoescoffee.com/restaurant

Midwest Coffee Roasting Company 

Located in Marion, Indiana, the Midwest Coffee Roasting Company is dedicated to bringing out the unique qualities of each individual origin through careful custom roasting. Their coffee is freshly roasted 100% chemical-free, and grown using fertilizers and/or pesticides that are strictly of animal or vegetable origin. Some of their blends include Sulawesi Rante Karua Estate Micro Lot, Sumatran Mandheling, and Island Depth. This spot is for the truly dedicated coffee connoisseur, but if you have little knowledge of coffee terminology be sure to check their website and read their in-depth breakdown of coffee terminology! https://www.facebook.com/freshroastedbeans/

Wheelers Cafe and Market 

Sitting contentedly on State Road 37 North in Noblesville, Indiana, Wheelers is a community-oriented food establishment committed to serving quality coffee and food from locally-sourced ingredients. The restaurant’s simple, rotating menu offers unique spins on traditional fare with a local flare. Some of their hometown favorites include the Maple Lapel, the Nobel Jones, and the Indy Aahaa. This unique spot also boasts a little fresh market, which sells locally sourced produce, such as eggs, cheeses, meats, and organically grown vegetables. They even stock dry and canned items such as bread mixes, jams, honey, and spices. You’ll have plenty to look at while you wait for your order! https://www.mercantile37.com/wheelersmarket


These were just a few of the amazing and diverse locally-owned coffee shops in East Central Indiana! If you have any suggestions for coffee shops besides the places I mentioned, please share them on my social media. As always, I’m dedicated to more than selling you a property, I also want to help you build your home and connect with the right community. A big part of that is making sure you are aware of all of the elements and resources available to you–such as coffee shops! Stay tuned for next month’s blog, we’ll be discussing the best local breweries!


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