Make East Central Indiana your Place of Residence this New Year

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Indiana, home of the Hoosiers, has a lot to offer for potential residents. You can skip the rush of city life and settle down in more of our tight-knit cities in East Central Indiana for a long-lasting home. Living in East Central Indiana has many perks that you would be honored to call your home. Here are some reasons you should make East Central Indiana your place of residence this New Year!

Space to start a new business

The East Central Indiana area is popular for beginning small businesses. Counties such as Delaware, Madison, Fayette, Wayne, and more are ideal locations to expand businesses and make connections. The location allows for people to pursue new opportunities and for others to indulge in those opportunities. Many people in these regions enjoy shopping locally to help strengthen the community.

Cost of Living

When choosing a location to live in, you want to keep in mind how much it will cost. The state of Indiana has some of the cheapest, most affordable housing in the country! More specifically the cost of living in East Central Indiana is 15.3% lower than the national average for the United States. Not only is housing affordable but the value of houses in Indiana is increasing. 

Higher Education Opportunities

Last but not least East Central Indiana has some of the higher education that the state of Indiana has to offer. Across East Central Indiana there are multiple higher education universities including Ball State University, Indiana University East, and Purdue Polytechnic Institute just to name a few. With all of the schooling options in East Central Indiana, you can also save on the cost of tuition compared to other universities around the country. East Central Indiana is the perfect place to grow a family and plan for bright futures.  

If you’re interested in learning more about East Central Indiana and looking to make it your new home, to get your home hunting process started the right way, contact Rich Lee today!

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