Building a Community in East Central Indiana – Hosting a Party

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One of the best parts of living in east-central Indiana is the local community. Hosting friends and family over is a highlight of being a homeowner. However, during the snowy winter season, outdoor parties aren’t the most popular. But that shouldn’t stop you from hosting a social gathering. Here are some top-tier tips for your indoor parties. 

Know your Space Limit

More people doesn’t always mean more fun. We have all been to parties where there wasn’t much room to breathe. Give your guest the gift of personal space by being conservative with the number on your guest list. Space is a decision you make during the home buying process so make sure to communicate to your realtor how much space you want. 

Have Space to Sit

When hosting indoors it is important that there are spaces for people to sit without crowding the whole space with furniture. This is easier done if you have a bigger centralized room or basement, which is something you can specify to an experienced realtor like Rich Lee if hosting people is a priority for you. 

No-Go Zones

It is important to decide what rooms you will be hosting your guest in. Good rooms to avoid are bedrooms, offices, or other spaces with personal items. A good general rule is to close the doors of the rooms you want to keep people out of and crack open the doors of rooms that people are welcome to go in.

Food for All

It is always nice to have a snack or even a full meal for your guests. Inform them beforehand what will be served if anything or if they should bring something to contribute. Also, ask if any of your guests have specific dietary needs to make sure that there is an option for everyone. 


Perhaps the most memorable part of your party will be the entertainment and activities. If you have a themed party, try to make games that match up to it. But if a theme isn’t for you then consider games such as Taboo, Madgab, card games like rummy or euchre, spoons, or even some digital options like MarioKart or Jackbox. Games like these help liven up the event with laughter.

If you are looking to buy a home in the Central Indiana area Rich Lee has the experience and expertise needed to find your perfect fit.

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