Homes to Withstand the Seasons

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Homes to Withstand the Seasons – Inspections

Summer weather is a beautiful season to be looking at homes in east-central Indiana. While the sunshine weather allows home buyers to see the house at its best, it is essential not to overlook the details that will be important in the fall and winter months. One of the best parts of living in east-central Indiana and raising a family is the full four seasons experience. From the warm days that usher in pool days to a white Christmas, the weather in Indiana touches on every part of the spectrum. 

What to Watch

When looking at homes, it is important to ensure the house is ready to handle all of the weather that Hoosiers experience. For warm weather, this entails working HVAC systems. In addition, it is essential to look for well-maintained gutters for the rainy spring season and note the elevation changes across the property. This may not seem significant on those sunny days, but there could be flooding all around you when the rain comes. Additionally, it can be hard to know about leaks until it rains. 


Most of these topics should be checked in the home inspection before the home’s purchase goes through. Exterior inspections typically look at roofing and check the structures like decks or sheds on the grounds. Inspectors also check the plumbing, foundation, HVAC, and electrical. As a future homeowner, this helps avoid any unexpected significant problems with your new home. There are many ways to proceed if a problem is uncovered in inspection, but you still want the house. A realtor can request this be done by the seller before the sale is final, or you can get an appraisal of the work needing to be done and get money off of the price you pay to cover the cost you will incur. This second method is prevalent for homes that are bought as fixer-uppers and are why they can be bought at lower prices the more work that needs to be done. This can be an exciting opportunity to make your new home more customized to your taste. Regardless of what you are looking for, communicate this to your real estate agent. 

Relocating to Indiana

Suppose you are relocating from another climate into east-central Indiana. In that case, it is crucial to have an experienced real estate agent like Rich Lee looking out for these concerns that you may not be familiar with. Knowing this information is also helpful to get from your realtor to be aware if you need particular types of insurance, such as flood insurance if you live in a flood zone. 

These topics are essential to be informed, so you spend your rainy days splashing in puddles rather than discovering leaks. Four distinct seasons are one of the best parts of living in east-central Indiana. Agents like Rich Lee want to make sure that you get to focus on the joy of owning your home and experience each season without the stress of house problems

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