Springtime Curb Appeal

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If you plan to sell your home this spring or summer it is important that the exterior of your home welcomes prospective buyers even from the street view. While the exterior of your home should reflect your personal decor style, it is important to remember that when deciding on curb appeal you want to choose widely appreciated decor. Experienced realtors like Rich Lee can help you curate your home’s exterior to maximize foot traffic into your home, but here are a few basic curb appeal tips to get you started. 

Finishing Floral Touches

Beautiful flowers or greenery in front of your home make the space feel more alive. You can either plant in the ground or make use of planters or hanging plants. For a garden, start by looking at the existing ground and clearing out the dead flowers from winter and any weeds. If you have pre-existing plants then prune them and remove any yellowing or dried-out parts of the plant. If you are adding new plants then choose vibrant colors that complement the color of your home. This often means using contrasting colors on the color wheel. If your home is warm-toned then try purchasing plants that are more cool-toned colors like blue or purple. But if your home is cool-toned then choose flowers that are warm like yellow or orange. No matter what you choose, just remember to keep watering the plants so they look beautiful all of spring. 

The Grass is Always Greener 

While it may seem obvious, it is essential for strong curb appeal to have well-maintained grass. With the many showers of springtime, your grass is watered and growing so you just need to make sure it is cut often. For this time of year, it is recommended to mow your grass once per week. Exterior decor doesn’t need to be extravagant, but the simple clean elements like grass really bring the look of a home together. 

Don’t Mail it in With your Mailbox

Mailboxes are often something people think little about aside from the utility aspect of getting the mail. But when you are thinking about curb appeal, it is important to notice each aspect of your home’s exterior, even the mailbox. Depending on the state your mailbox is in, take some time to wipe off the cobwebs, replace the faded address labels, and maybe even give it a new coat of paint if necessary. If you have leftover flowers, maybe even plant a few at the base of your mailbox for some nice color near the curb. 

It can be hard to decide what to do with your home’s exterior when you decide to sell. But with a little bit of love, your home can invite people in from the curb. If you have any questions or need help selling or buying a home in East Central Indiana, contact Rich Lee by email

richlee@remax.net or phone (765) 744-9951.

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