Summertime Curb Appeal & Home Staging Tips

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Summer Curb Appeal & Home Staging

With the right curb appeal and staging decorations, buyers will be more compelled to purchase your home no matter the time of year. When selling your home in East Central/Central Indiana contact Rich Lee as your realtor, he will guide you to have the right curb appeal and staging setup to entice buyers.  Here are some summer curb appeal and staging tips to make your house the most desirable home on the market. 


Color, Color, & More Color

It is scientifically proven that color has a direct effect on human emotions. When staging your home for an open house and fixing up your front yard and patio, brightening up your yard with fresh, colorful flowers, and decorating your home with summertime pillows will boost buyer interest. Using colors that relate to summer and happy emotions such as; yellow, orange, light blues, and bright pinks will persuade visitors to get into the buying mood. 


Outdoor Feel 

The outdoors is where most people spend their time during the summer. Having the perfect curb appeal and patio setup will attract many buyers. Things to include in your outdoor decorations include; green plants, colorful flowers, and arranged patio furniture. Some extra touches for summer staging are imitation drink pitchers, backyard games, entertainment sections, and open concepts for natural lighting. With these elements, buyers will be able to envision the feel of summer in your home.



When selling your home, it is important to give the best representation possible. The basic cleaning of the home is apparent, but with staging and curb appeal some extra cleaning may be required. For example edging areas of the yard, keeping the yard mowed, power washing the house and driveway areas, rearranging any cluttered areas of the home that will be shown during tours, and neatly arranged furniture. Each of these staging aspects helps sell the home. 


Follow these summertime home selling tips to help sell your home. If you have any questions or need help selling or buying a home in East Central Indiana, contact Rich Lee by email or phone (765) 744-9951. 

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