Fall in Love with East Central Indiana, Make Your Move!

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Searching for a new home is never an easy feat. There are many important factors that go into play when considering where to live. What school district, what community, what type of lifestyle do you want to live? Moving to East Central Indiana, you will be sure to fall in love with all that it has to offer.


School Districts

East Central has a handful of school districts including Delaware, Hancock, Henry, and Madison to name a few. Each district has different schools of different education levels that provide hearty teaching to children. East Central Indiana is also home to some great higher education universities including Manchester University, Taylor University, and in – the heart of Muncie – Ball State University.


Flourishing Communities

A place of opportunity awaits you in East Central Indiana. The communities are flourishing with entrepreneurship. Interested in a small business? No better place to start than East Central Indiana. There is also the opportunity to settle down here. With a slower pace and less busy scenery, there is more chance to admire the things East Central Indiana has to offer, and it is an ideal place for retirement. Settle down in a town that is sure to offer you security and joy. 


Make the Move

You’ve read all the perks of East Central Indiana now you need someone to help you make that move. East Central Indiana native Rich Lee knows the ends and outs of the counties creating East central Indiana. As a realtor with many years of experience, he knows how to navigate markets and find homes that best suit his client’s needs. Making the move would be simpler with Rich Lee as your realtor.


Ready to fall in love with your forever home in East Central Indiana? Contact Rich Lee by email richlee@remax.net or phone (765) 744-9951 to start your moving process today!

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