Home Maintenance Tips for Winter Weather

  • 9 months ago
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It’s officially wintertime! With winter comes winter weather which Indiana is no stranger to. Make sure your home is comfortable and oblivious to the weather outside with these maintenance tips to keep you warm. 

Furnace Check 

It is imperative to get your furnace maintenance routinely. A furnace should get inspected at least once a year. Your furnace provides heat and comfort to your home during the wintertime. Without the furnace, you are susceptible to damage to your home, such as freezing and bursting pipes. Unfortunately, this happened to many homes during the winter storm that hit right before Christmas in Indiana.  It is important to get inspections and replace filters so you can stay as comfortable as possible. 


Window Sealing

Have you ever wondered why your home remains so cold? You may need to seal or replace your windows or doors. Cold air enters the home through small openings in windows and doors, causing a cold draft. These drafts make it harder to keep your home warm. Some sealing options include weather sealing tape, caulk, sealing strips, and many more available options to choose from. 


Snow Removal 

The best part about snow removal is the quick workout you get from shoveling. The best way to limit snow and increase safety is to salt the driveway before the snow is predicted to fall. Salting will save time when removing snow from the driveway. Removing snow from driveways and sidewalks to your home will prevent unnecessary snow traction from coming into the house. Lastly, snow removal increases curb appeal by making the home appear neat and well-kept. 


A new year means new ventures, will your next home be a part of your resolution? We want to keep your house in nice shape for the next time you sell. Contact me, Rich Lee, (765) 744-9951, or richlee@remax.net to see how we can help you buy or sell your home. 

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